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Looking for fundraising and service ideas? Got great ideas to share? On this page, you’ll find examples to entice your imagination. You can also download the fundraising ideas book vol. 1, the fundraising ideas book vol. 2 and the fundraising ideas book for SLPs to share with your club.

What will you and your club do to help raise US$110 million to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the Earth? Let us know. Let’s go for the goal!

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Dining for donations

Your club wants to help save lives. Restaurants need the business. And people always need to eat. This fundraiser is a no-brainer. Encourage patrons to visit a new or favorite restaurant in exchange for a portion of the proceeds from purchases.

Your club will raise funds for The Eliminate Project and help bring in new customers. It’s easy! Follow the tips below.

Best for: All Kiwanis-family clubs

Timeline: 4 weeks for preparation; 2–4 hours on day of event

To-do list:
• Pick a restaurant
• Approach management about details
• Decide what percentage will credit to your club (10-20 percent is the norm)
• Choose a date and time period
• Establish how patrons will identify themselves
• Create an event flier
• Distribute fliers around town
• Have club reps there to welcome guests and hand out information
• Hang a sign to identify The Eliminate Project
• Put out a jar to collect donations from diners
• Follow up with staff to receive your check

• Paper for fliers
• Signage
Quick facts brochure

• Popular chain restaurants have established policies while local eateries may need to work out details with you.
• Some restaurants also offer gift-card matching. Ask about it!
• Monday-Wednesdays may be slow nights for the restaurant. They could benefit from the extra crowd you bring in and may offer you a bigger percentage of the night’s receipts.
• Distribute the Quick facts brochure as guests arrive or leave one on their place setting. Have club members on hand to answer any questions that arise.

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