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Looking for fundraising and service ideas? Got great ideas to share? On this page, you’ll find examples to entice your imagination. You can also download the fundraising ideas book vol. 1, the fundraising ideas book vol. 2 and the fundraising ideas book for SLPs to share with your club.

What will you and your club do to help raise US$110 million to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the Earth? Let us know. Let’s go for the goal!

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Summer means holidays, long weekends and endless fun outdoors. So why not take advantage of the great outdoors and organize an activity that brings your friends, family and community together to support The Eliminate Project? Try one of these 10 summer fundraising ideas:
  1. Car Wash: Scrub those dirty bumpers clean! This tried-and-true fundraiser is a natural choice for summer since groups of just about all sizes can run a profitable car wash. Charge extra to have tire rims polished. Give a flyer or campaign brochure to customers that explains more about The Eliminate Project.
  2. Summer concert: Set up a concert at a local venue or in a member’s backyard. Whether you showcase local talent or family and friends, setting up a benefit concert or open mic night are great ways to let the good times (and donations) roll in. Local bands may play for free since it’s a great opportunity for them to display their talents. This is especially popular for kids and teens.
  3. Bike-a-thon: What’s better than getting outside to feel the cool wind in your hair? You can charge registrants a small entrance fee then ask them to collect sponsorships for miles biked. A swim-a-thon is another option.
  4. Garage or yard sale: A great way to clear the clutter and raise lots of money. It takes some pre-planning though.
  5. Pool party: If you have the resources (a pool for starters, and also proper supervision if you’re working with children), a pool party is an awesome fundraiser idea for summer! Sell snacks, raffle off prizes, and set up carnival-type games like a ring toss!
  6. Community block party: Summer block parties combine all of the summer goodness in one event—a barbecue, watermelon eating contest, slip and slide, sprinkler, fireworks, live music and community! A block party takes a little bit of extra planning, but it’s the perfect fundraiser. Do your best to get local residents on board to avoid noise complaints, and recruit a team of volunteers to help out.
  7. Duck race: An event that is sure to entertain all. After each participant pays to receive a numbered rubber duck, the race down the stream begins! Whoever’s duck makes it to the ending point first is the lucky duck prize winner.
  8. Rock-a-thon: A fun and clever way to involve supporters of every age. Find a roomy porch or space, gather rocking chairs from your community, and have each participant pay to rock for a set period of time. This idea fosters companionship, conversation and fun, and requires no physical stamina to complete.
  9. Water Balloon Fight: What better way to stay cool than with a water balloon fight? Designate a field, park or open space as your “Splash Zone” then spread the word that you are organizing the largest water balloon fight in community history. Charge per filled water balloon or make it a team event by charging a registration fee. You could even sell snacks and drinks to raise extra money.
  10. Ice cream events: Who doesn’t love ice cream on a hot summer day? Approach a local ice cream or frozen yogurt shop or grocer, and ask if they would provide the ice cream and cones. Many shops will host a charity ice cream cone day where with each cone sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to charity.

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