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Scavenger Hunt

Are you a regular Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew? Put your skills to work with this fundraising idea. A scavenger hunt is great for Kiwanis-family members of all ages. Below are tips to help you implement this activity in your community.

Best for: All Kiwanis-family clubs

Timeline: 12 weeks for preparation; 6-8 hours on day of event

How it works: Plan a scavenger hunt where teams race to solve a series of clues or collect a list of items to win the grand prize.

To-do list:
• Choose a date and general area for the hunt
• Set an entry fee
• Get a sponsor to donate prizes
• Pick a start and end point
• Plan the path and create written and photo clues or a list of items to collect
• Arrange for sponsors to host giveaways at certain points
• Outline the ground rules of the hunt
• Establish “hunt” duration of 1-2 hours
• Set up an area where teams can congregate at the end point
• Generate a list of hunt rules and a map
• Award the winning team

• Promotional posters
• Printouts of rules, clues and map
• Bottled water
• Cell phone for each team
• Bullhorn or sound system
• Donated prizes

• Consider a photo/video hunt so there’s no actual collecting of items.
• Remember: The teams must stay together the entire time—no splitting up.
• The first team to find the most items on the list or solve all the clues wins.

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