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Karaoke talent show

Best for: All Kiwanis-family clubs

Timeline: 4–6 weeks for preparation; 3–4 hours on day of event

How it works: Collect monetary donations from audience members as “votes” for their favorite contestant.

To-do list
  • Select a site
  • Borrow/rent a professional karaoke machine
  • Compile a collection of song choices
  • Recruit contestants
  • Decorate donation jars for each singer
  • Ask vendors to donate prizes
  • Decide whether you’ll charge admission
  • Set up The Eliminate Project materials
  • Announce winners and proceeds
  • Award prizes
  • Karaoke machine
  • Song discs (depending on system)
  • Song lists
  • Fliers
  • Donation jars
  • Money box
  • Small bills, if charging admission
  • Prizes
  • If the machine can record, create and sell CDs of performances.
  • Collect donations to hear the club president, a principal or other influential person sing.
  • Consider teams (e.g., men vs. women, cheerleaders vs. basketball players).
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