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Closing in on victory...

Note: This blog was updated to reflect fundraising totals as of March 23, 2016. 

We are so close … so close to saving the lives of even more mothers and babies. So close to another humanitarian victory. So close to fulfilling our promise to raise US$110 million that will help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the earth.

Today we’ve raised US$110 million in cash and pledges for The Eliminate Project.

And now, more than ever, we must keep going together to finish what we started.

Right now, 13 countries have scheduled immunization campaigns in 2016. But that can’t happen unless we can continue to fulfill pledges quickly and release the funds UNICEF needs to reach those nations. Mothers and babies are depending on us. They’re waiting for us to fulfill our pledges—so we can turn promises into funding; funding into vaccines; and vaccines into lives saved and futures protected.

So keep going ... we’re so close—with nearly 50 percent of cash received to fulfill outstanding pledges. Eighteen districts and nearly 1,400 clubs are still hard at work fulfilling their pledge commitments. A few examples:

  • In Canada, the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada and Canadian Kiwanians are working to complete CAD$2.5 million in fundraising that will potentially double to CAD$5 million through a matching grant from the Canadian government and a partnership with UNICEF Canada. Keep going Kiwanis Canada. We’re so close!
  • In the Taiwan District, clubs and members are committed to fulfilling their US$7 million pledge and are halfway there. Keep going Taiwan District. We’re so close!
  • Clubs and members in the Belgium-Luxembourg District have raised US$1.2 million toward their US$1.9 million pledge. Keep going Belgium-Luxembourg District. We’re so close!
  • Kiwanians in Florida continue to raise funds to reach their US$4.2 million pledge. They’re only US$675,000 away. Keep going Florida District. We’re so close!

Keep going, because when your goal is to change the world, every penny counts. Keep going, because it all adds up to an unprecedented investment in human potential.

Thank you to our dedicated campaign volunteers—from the chairman to vice chairmen; region coordinators; district coordinators; district advocates; multi-division, division and club coordinators—who have worked passionately and tirelessly to save and protect mothers and babies.

And keep going, because kids need Kiwanis—in our local communities and in communities around the world.

Mark Rabaut
2015–16 President
Kiwanis International Foundation

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