• With help from Kiwanis and UNICEF, Chad eliminates MNT

    Today, mothers in Chad no longer fear losing newborns to tetanus. Thanks to the work of Kiwanis and UNICEF, Chad has become the 26th country to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) since the start of The Eliminate Project!

    The World Health Organization (WHO) presented the official certificate to Chad’s minister of health in April in recognition of the country’s efforts. The elimination of MNT is the result of Chad’s improvements in recent years regarding routine immunization.   

    With the support of Kiwanis International, along with partners such as LDS Charities and BD, UNICEF has increased access to lifesaving immunizations for some of the world’s most vulnerable mothers and babies. Our partnership has enabled UNICEF to vaccinate millions of ...

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  • New report celebrates wins against MNT

    The number of babies dying from tetanus each year has been almost cut in half since the start of The Eliminate Project, a new report shows.  

    A group of scientists, statisticians and experts recently analyzed various data, which together showed an estimated 30,848 babies died of tetanus in 2017, the most recent year for which records were available. That’s a 47% drop since Kiwanis partnered with UNICEF in 2011 on The Eliminate Project. In 2010, 58,000 babies were estimated to die from tetanus every year.  

    The report also showed that the number of newborns dying each day from tetanus decreased to 85 in 2017 from 160 in 2011.  

    © UNICEF_UN0294769_Frank Dejongh

    “I get emotional over it,” Kiwanis International Executive Director Stan Soderstrom said of ...

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  • Celebrating partial validations

    Since the start of The Eliminate Project in 2010, 25 countries have been validated for eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus. Validation means that in every district of that country there is fewer than one case of neonatal tetanus out of 1,000 live births. The final step in a country’s journey toward that happy moment is the validation survey. 

    In some cases, however, it’s more effective for regions of a country to be validated one by one. Each of these is called a “partial validation.”  

    And each one is worth celebrating. 

    For example, Nigeria’s South East Zone and Pakistan’s Punjab Province are each MNT-free — and each of those partial validations were major landmarks because those areas consist of 12 percent and 23 percent of their nations’ populations respectively.  

    Our most recent cause for celebration came with the elimination of MNT in the southern part of ...

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  • Keeping up the fight against MNT

    As our new year continues, so does our fight against maternal and neonatal tetanus. If adequate funding is available in 2019, we anticipate seeing the following countries complete immunization activities and prepare for pre-validation and validation surveys (the final steps to becoming MNT-free): 

    • Chad, a landlocked African nation of 14.5 million people, is one of the poorest in the world. Their validation survey is scheduled for January and February 2019.
    • Democratic Republic of the Congo is largely afflicted by armed conflict, and many of its children face a lack of basic health, nutrition and educational services. Their validation survey is scheduled for July 2019, along with a review of insecure areas.
    • Mali is beset with violence and much of its ...

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  • Our 2018 highlights

    2018 was an important year in the fight against maternal and neonatal tetanus. Kiwanians worked hard to fulfill their pledges and are protecting more mothers and babies from this tragic disease. Here are some of this year’s highlights:

    Kenya eliminates MNT

    Mothers in Kenya no longer fear their babies dying of tetanus. In July, Kenya officially became the 25th country to eliminate MNT since Kiwanis International partnered with UNICEF USA in 2010. There are 14 countries where babies still face the threat of this painful and deadly — yet preventable — disease.

    Hear Rose Nijraini, UNICEF community health specialist in Kenya, describe the value of Kiwanis’ work against MNT in this video.

    Successful MNT Challenge

    During the 103rd Kiwanis ...

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  • The Eliminate Project: A Kiwanis-family effort

    Every fall, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF reminds us that The Eliminate Project is a family effort. Since day one, members of Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs— who range in age from K-Kids to adults with disabilities in Aktion Club — have supported The Eliminate Project. 

    In fact, SLP clubs and members have raised US$6,607,718.74 in paid donations by hosting creative fundraisers, participating in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF and educating communities about maternal and neonatal tetanus. In the 2017-18 Kiwanis year alone, Kiwanis family members of all ages and abilities helped raise $377,452 through Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.

    Key Club International has been a particularly strong part of the program. From 2012 to 2015, Key Club clubs and members raised US$2,823,665.16 through Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF ...

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  • Germany fulfills its pledge to The Eliminate Project!

    Congratulations, Germany!  The district has fulfilled its pledge to The Eliminate Project, becoming the second district to reach this milestone.

    Germany submitted its final payment toward its US$843,085 pledge in October.

    How did the district do it? Dr. Julio Srulijes, Kiwanis Children’s Fund ambassador and district chair, said the key was having the right volunteers in place. He credited The Eliminate Project advocate Stefan Uhrig for inspiring the district and laying the groundwork.

    "Being part of this great campaign on such a level was a great honor for me," Uhrig said. "I am so grateful to my predecessors and all German Kiwanis who participated in The Eliminate Project, especially the many legacy clubs!"

    Like many districts, Germany’s clubs held fundraisers ...

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  • Kenya eliminates maternal and neonatal tetanus

    DSC_0452Mothers in Kenya will no longer fear their babies dying of maternal and neonatal tetanus. Kenya is to become the 25th country to eliminate MNT since Kiwanis International partnered with UNICEF USA in 2010 to fight the deadly disease. 

    Soon, the country will receive a certificate from the World Health Organization stating it is free of MNT. That means there are only 14 countries where babies still face the threat of dying from this painful and often fatal disease. 

    In 2014, Kiwanis International and UNICEF USA sent a delegation to Kenya to witness UNICEF’s immunization efforts. During the visit, they visited with women who were waiting to be vaccinated and toured a sub-country hospital where they learned about the educational work being done. 

    But a baby still dies of MNT every 15 minutes, ...

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  • Why these donors want you to take on the MNT Challenge


    Kiwanians accepted the challenge! More than US$170,000 was donated during the 103rd Kiwanis Convention to fight maternal and neonatal tetanus, far surpassing the goal of raising US$100,000 for the MNT Challenge.   

    And there is more great news: We have unlocked an additional US$100,000 from our group of generous donors. 

    We'll keep raising money for the MNT Challenge until we reach US$200,000. That means US$400,000 will go toward saving and protecting the lives thousands of babies who might otherwise perish from maternal and neonatal tetanus.
    Are you ready to accept their challenge? Go to kiwanis.org/MNTchallenge to give online or text MNTChallenge to 50155 to give by phone.


    They are committed philanthropists and dedicated volunteers. But what unites them even more is their desire to ...

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  • New Eliminate Project resource for clubs that have fulfilled pledge

    When your club fulfills its pledge to The Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis Children's Fund can help promote your accomplishment to your community. The communications team has written a news release that your club can customize after it has successfully completed its pledge. 

    The news release explains what maternal and neonatal tetanus is, why Kiwanis is committed to fighting it and how your club was involved in the project. You can personalize it to describe how your club raised money, as well as showcase ways your club supports children in your community.  

    Please email childrensfund@kiwanis.org after you have sent your clubs final gift payment. You will then receive a copy of the news release. 

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