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Convention workshop materials now available for download at www.kiwanis.org/2013workshops.

After the convention, return to your club with the knowledge you need to serve your community and improve your club experience. Attend convention workshops! From Thursday to Saturday, experts in their fields will share insights during interactive sessions. Get the full value of the convention—for you and your club—by taking advantage of these great training opportunities.

This year, most workshops will be offered multiple times, so you don’t have to miss out on your favorite subjects. You might even consider splitting up from members of your club to make sure your club benefits from the workshops that are most relevant to it.

Also new this year are special interest workshops. During the convention, you can attend yoga classes, workshops on health and wellness, online identity protection, tourism in Vancouver and a photography walk. In addition, tours of the convention center--world-renowned for its ecofriendly design--will be available throughout the convention.

Are you an incoming club, division or district leader? Consider attending the 2013–14 leadership pep rally to get energized about the year ahead. Incoming club presidents should also take a look at the "boot camp" offered just for them. It's an engaging way for new club presidents to understand their roles fully.

Consult the convention scheduling tool to add workshops to your schedule.