International Signatures Hunt

During the convention, gather 10 signatures from fellow Kiwanians, each one from a different country. Then turn in your entry sheet to receive a special gift! Read what previous participants had to say about the fellowship game:

Meeting the lady from Japan was fun. Very fun. We had no idea what either one of us was saying—however, we ended the experience by hugging each other and having our picture taken.
Chris Zeller, California-Nevada-Hawaii District

As a scuba diver, I asked a young attorney from Curacao “How’s your diving?” He proceeded to give me a DVD about his island, his email address and an invitation to come dive on his island. This all took only one minute or less.
Duane C. Niemi, New York District

Met someone from Italy—we had no language in common but found great ways of communicating our passion for Kiwanis!
Paulette Crawford, Capital District

While getting a signature from a lady from Ecuador, I tried to speak to her in Spanish and apologized for my bad language skills. She was so nice and complimented me about how good my Spanish was—she showed me great kindness.
Rose Mary Hernandez, California-Nevada-Hawaii District

While visiting with my new Kiwanis friends from Belgium, I gave one member a PNW pin and another made it disappear. Yes, really, he is a professional magician!
Denis Sapiro, Pacific Northwest District

Talking, smiling and signing each other’s books. At one time, there was a large crowd of people in front of the registration area signing books and laughing.
Michelle Thacker, California-Nevada-Hawaii District

Everyone was friendly and so very willing to take time to talk and sign their names. At a place where we have so much to do, learn and see in a finite amount of time, my new friends slowed down to share a smile.
Victoria Turney, Georgia District

When I asked for a signature from the Taiwan delegation, I was directed to a person who understood English. I received not only a signature, but also a very nice pin!
Myriam Scheuernels, Belgium-Luxembourg District

When I was talking to the gentleman from the West Indies, I didn’t understand French and he didn’t understand English, but we both understood Spanish, so that’s how we communicated.

Nichole Swafford, Illinois-Eastern Iowa District

I met someone from Panama. He shared his newsletter with me. We are now going to share our newsletters by email.
George Williams, Alabama District

Conoci muchos socios nuevos que venian por 1a vez y me alegrò mucho ver la motivaciòn que tenian. Mis antiguos amigos que ano tras ano nos reencontramos reafirma nuestros lazos de amistad sin limites, sin fronteras y sin tiempos.
(I had the chance to meet many new members who were attending the convention for the first time and I was so glad to see their motivation. Meeting long-time friends year after year reinforces our unlimited, borderless and timeless friendship.)
Triche Streithorst, Andean and Central America District

I asked a lady from Canada where she was from, and since I already had Canada, she kindly tried to help me find others. Everyone was pleased to participate.
Carol Wheeler, Indiana District

Receiving praise for being a first-time attendee and practicing how to say thank you in different languages gave me a sense of pride to be a Kiwanian due to the vastness of the organization.
Jason Kolodziejczyk, Ohio District

Different countries. Different languages. Different surnames. Different dress.
Same Objects: Serving the children of the world

Bob Carson, Southwest District

It was very enjoyable meeting people from all over the world.
Derick Newton, Georgia District

La « surprise » de pouvoir parler néerlandais avec un délégué d’Aruba, et l’amitié qui découle du fait que nous aidons tous les enfants du monde.
(The ”surprise” of being able to speak in Dutch with a delegate from Aruba, and the friendship that comes from the fact that we all help the children of the world.)
Jean-Paul Thomas, Belgium-Luxembourg District

This was a wonderful way to meet Kiwanians I would not have been able to meet otherwise. I met a Kiwanian at dinner in the hotel who happened to have her book out. What a nice evening.
Roxzanne Meisner, Capital District

Met several people, impressed by the process of gathering autographs (including myself giving autographs). It’s a great way to meet others.

Ron Randall, Nebraska-Iowa District

Everyone was very friendly and willing to sign—I enjoyed the camaraderie. That’s what we’re about: FAMILY.

Susan Ann Smith, New England District

J’ai été très impressionnée et surprise de voir dans les yeux de chacun la joie d’appartenir à une grande famille. Plus encore l’étonnement se lisait sur leur visage quand il lisait sur mon badge mon appartenance à la Guadeloupe. Là alors fusaient moult questions sur mon pays.

(I was very impressed and surprised to see the joy of belonging to a big family in people’s eyes. They were all the more astonished when they saw on my badge that I am from Guadeloupe. Then they had so many questions about my country.)
Lydia Elysée, Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District

Muchas sorisas.
(Lots of smiles)
Carol Durling, Andean and Central America District

It’s fun and exciting! Kiwanians are unique. Though we spoke different languages, communications was never a problem. With just a simple smile, you’ve got it! And that’s where friendship starts, that’s what we are—isn’t it amazing?
Raffy Leyson, Philippine South District

Lots of smiles, warm handshakes and a wonderful feeling of partnership with others from around the world with a common goal.

Barb Geux, Kansas District

J’ai rencontré un ami Kiwanien Martiniquais et il m’a dit qu’il était encore Kiwanien, mais en Nouvelle Calédonie, je me suis dit que quel que soit le pays d’où on vient, les Kiwaniens se revoient, se rejoignent toujours dès qu’il s’agit d’une grande cause : Servir les enfants du monde.
(I met a Kiwanian friend from Martinique. He told me he was still a Kiwanian, but in New Caledonia. I told myself that no matter which country they are from, Kiwanians find each other again and always rally together for a great cause: Serving the children of the world.)
Danielle Martin-Fousse, Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District

As I gathered the signatures, I realized there is a diversity of origin among the Kiwanians attending the convention, but there is unity in our mission to change this world one child and one community at a time.
Henry Sanchez, Andean and Central America District

My wife and I found all of the Kiwanians from all over the world to be so friendly and accommodating. All those we came in contact with were eager to talk about their countries and their Kiwanis clubs’ activities. It has been a great experience.
Lawrence Notch, New Jersey District

Being able to converse with Kiwanians from different countries gave me a lot of insight into different projects that are done elsewhere that I can help to encourage here in my Kiwanis club. This was my first convention, and all I can say is: “Wow.”
Kathy Troy, New York District

Beaucoup de convivialité, de bonne humeur et de bonheur.
(So much camaraderie, good spirits and happiness.)
Pierre Macabies, New Zealand-South Pacific District

The friendliness that I experienced with each of the Kiwanis members was an inspiration to me. I wanted to smile more, knowing that I was part of such a great organization.
Rayleen Barnes, Utah-Idaho District

Todos mis hermanos Kiwanis me atendieron con una gran sorrisa y un gran abrazo.
(All my Kiwanis fellows welcomed me with a big smile and a big hug.)
Gaby Miró, Andean and Central America District

I was greatly informed by Anthony from Jamaica about their bobsledding history. He was so pleasant and grateful when I gave him a pin from Dubuque. We ended our conversation with a sincere warm embrace and best wishes.

Ermina Soler, Illinois-Eastern Iowa District

As I gathered signatures, I began to see how much our local club is connected globally. Children of the world are truly served by countries around the globe. It’s a fabulous feeling!

Rosana Swing, California-Nevada-Hawaii District