Kiwanis booths

With Kiwanis, you have many ways to strengthen your club, extend your impact and help change the world. Make the most of them in Vancouver. Visit our booths and learn how to enhance your service, leadership and generosity.

The Kiwanis experience booth

You serve your community. We're here to help! Talk to helpful people and get informational materials that help you increase awareness in your community, create or improve your club website, support Service Leadership Programs and strengthen your most valuable asset: your club’s membership! Within the member experience booth, you will find:

Web resources: Got questions about Kiwanis websites? We'll answer them. We'll also offer information about the benefits of Club Management subscriptions.

PR: Gather information to improve your club's visibility.

SLP: Service Leadership Programs are where the Kiwanis family's younger members serve and lead in their communities. So it's also a way to ensure the future of Kiwanis and the mission we all share. Come learn about starting a new SLP club or improving your sponsorship of an existing one.

Growth and education: Talk with leaders and experts on ways to strengthen your club's membership, from raising your club's profile in the community to attracting leaders and younger members.

The Kiwanis International 100th anniversary booth

Come share the excitement! Learn more about Kiwanis' history and some of the plans for 2015.

The Tokyo-Chiba convention booth

Learn about the host of our 2014 convention. Ask your questions about Japan and the Tokyo area, and gather the materials and information that will help you plan your trip.

The Eliminate Project booth

Our fight against MNT continues! Come find current campaign updates, exchange fundraising ideas, pick up informational materials and share why you're committed to The Eliminate Project.

The Kiwanis International Foundation booth

How does the Kiwanis International Foundation extend your Kiwanis impact? Drop by to find out! For instance, learn how your club can apply for a grant to fund a project . . . and how to make your kindness your legacy, ensuring that your Kiwanis impact lasts forever.