Patrick Ewing

Kiwanis International trustee candidate

Club: Kiwanis Club of Victoria, BC and Kiwanis Club of Cascadia (internet club)

District: Pacific Northwest

The candidate in his own words...

Why did you decide to run for office?

  • To counsel and assist governors
  • To support a strong role for districts 
  • To promote members’ financial interests 
  • To bring my skills, abilities, experience and a younger perspective to the Kiwanis International Board 
  • To examine new solutions to address continuing challenges 
  • To help our organization explore new ways to grow 

What qualifies you to become an officer of Kiwanis International?
  • Integrity, compassion, dedication, experience 
  • Good people-person: team builder, conflict resolver 
  • Analytical and innovative; strong policy/finance background 
  • Service on Kiwanis International committees: K-Kids, Growth (2011–12 chairman for Americas), The Eliminate Project 
  • Thirteen years making a difference at the district level; roles include governor, chairman (membership, marketing), magazine editor, K-Kids administrator. 

How will you leave your mark on Kiwanis?
  • Identifying non-dues revenue and other ways to ease the financial burden on members
  • Pursuing opportunities to increase Kiwanis' appeal to young people
  • Proposing enhancements to bylaws and policies
  • Promoting multi-year fiscal planning and access to financial information
  • Championing the interests of the Kiwanis family (Service Leadership Programs) 

Biographical information:
  • First Kiwanis project was in Grades 6 & 7 (school crossing guard)
  • Served six years in CKI and seventeen years in Kiwanis 
  • Director (Finance) in civil service with nineteen years' experience 
  • Education: Law (JD), Health (BSc) 
  • Met wife Kristina in CKI; reunited through Kiwanis and married in governor year

For more information about Patrick, consult his campaign website or contact Patrick at Find Patrick's campaign's page on Facebook.