See the terrain by train

Check out the Pacific Northwest’s splendor with a train trip—either before or after the convention. In fact, with two different tours, you could even do pre- and post-convention rail trips. 

Book your seats on the Whistler Sea to Sky Climb Dome Service, a custom-designed bi-level coach. Take in the Sea to Sky area with your guests and fellow Kiwanians—while enjoying a hot breakfast or afternoon appetizer.
And see the Canadian Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer. Combine the majestic mountain sights with live storytelling for an unforgettable onboard experience. 

Note: To get Kiwanis’ exclusive pricing for the Rocky Mountaineer, you must call 1-800-665-7245 and ask specifically for the “Kiwanis”rate. Consult the site for other phone numbers depending on the country you are calling from.


Photo © Tourism Vancouver