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Looking for fundraising and service ideas? Got great ideas to share? On this page, you’ll find examples to entice your imagination. You can also download the fundraising ideas book vol. 1, the fundraising ideas book vol. 2 and the fundraising ideas book for SLPs to share with your club.

What will you and your club do to help raise US$110 million to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the Earth? Let us know. Let’s go for the goal!

  • Fun ideas to celebrate the holidays

    Looking for some fun ideas to spread holiday cheer and raise awareness or money for The Eliminate Project at the same time? Try one of these:

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    Looking for another fun way to raise funds to support The Eliminate Project? Try combining your passion for serving children of the world with your favorite cuisine or beverage. Follow this recipe and add a dash of your own creativity to host a deliciously successful event for your club and ...

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  • Host a “Dress down day”

    Looking for a fun and simple fundraising activity to support The Eliminate Project? Follow this step-by-step guide to host a “Dress down day” at your school or place of employment. Add your creative ideas to make the fundraiser unique for your club and community.

    Dress down day

    Best for: K-Kids, ...

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  • Dining for donations

    Your club wants to help save lives. Restaurants need the business. And people always need to eat. This fundraiser is a no-brainer. Encourage patrons to visit a new or favorite restaurant in exchange for a portion of the proceeds from purchases.

    Your club will raise funds for The Eliminate Project ...

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  • Host a dance

    Put your best foot forward with this fun fundraising idea. Hosting a dance is an exciting way to spread awareness and raise necessary funds for The Eliminate Project. Follow the easy steps outlined below to help save and protect women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

    Let’s Dance!

    Best ...

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    Looking for another fundraising idea to support The Eliminate Project? Host a golf scramble—it’s a fun way for your Kiwanis club to enjoy the great outdoors and drive home support for The Eliminate Project. Link up with local businesses or individuals and ask them to sponsor a hole or donate ...

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  • Festive day to benefit The Eliminate Project

    Gather Kiwanis members, their families and the community for a festive day filled with food, music, games and fun—all to benefit The Eliminate Project.

    Family Day

    Best for: Kiwanis clubs, CKI clubs and Key Clubs

    Timeline: 3 months for preparation; 5–7 hours on day of event

    How it works: Create ...

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    Summer means holidays, long weekends and endless fun outdoors. So why not take advantage of the great outdoors and organize an activity that brings your friends, family and community together to support The Eliminate Project? Try one of these 10 summer fundraising ideas:
    1. Car Wash: Scrub those dirty bumpers ...

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  • Scavenger Hunt

    Are you a regular Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew? Put your skills to work with this fundraising idea. A scavenger hunt is great for Kiwanis-family members of all ages. Below are tips to help you implement this activity in your community.

    Best for: All Kiwanis-family clubs

    Timeline: 12 weeks for ...

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  • Karaoke talent show

    Best for: All Kiwanis-family clubs

    Timeline: 4–6 weeks for preparation; 3–4 hours on day of event

    How it works: Collect monetary donations from audience members as “votes” for their favorite contestant.

    To-do list
    • Select a site
    • Borrow/rent a professional karaoke machine
    • Compile a collection of song choices...

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