Banner displays

Banners are to be used for display/awareness for The Eliminate Project.

The display of these banners is intended to be side-by-side as shown in Diagram A.

If a single banner is used alone, please use banner 3.
This is the only banner panel that displays the identifying Kiwanis logo, the UNICEF logo and The Eliminate Project Web address.

Your vendor will have various display stand options for these banners. Diagram B shows one example.

Banner Set Up Visual         Banner Stand

Size information:

  • Full size, side-by-side display as show in diagram:
    2400mm wide × 2200mm high
    (94.5 inches wide × 86.614 inches high)
  • Individual banner sizes for print output:
    80mm wide × 2200mm high
    (31.5 inches wide × 86.614 inches high)


For vendor - Banner files to download

Click the "Download" button to download the following files for printing and supply them to your vendor. The files includes three high-resolution PDF files and print specification information.

  1. High-resolution PDF files
    .pdf file (8.68 MB)
    April 17, 2012
  2. Banner information
    .jpg file (576.71 KB)
    April 17, 2012