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Happy National Cookie Day

In honor of National Cookie Day, we are offering this tasty fundraising idea for clubs to support The Eliminate Project. Host a baking competition, charging tasters to sample and vote for a winner.

This simple fundraising idea is perfect for any time of year. You can change the dessert to another crowd favorite, like chili or pies. Here are some tips to make your event a success.

Best for: Kiwanis clubs, CKI clubs and Key Clubs

Timeline: 3–6 weeks for preparation; 2–4 hours on day of event

To do list:
Select the featured food
Pick a date and location
Invite your favorite bakers or cooks
Pour on the promotions
Set a price to taste & vote
Create the ballots
Buy paper products
Sell the ballots
Announce the winner
Sell copies of the favorite recipe

Paper for ballots
Signage for instructions
Money box or envelope
Small bills for change
Tables and trays for cookies (or food of choice)
Ballot boxes
Prize for winner

Include signage that explains your cause.
Request copies the Quick Facts handout from the campaign office.

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