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Introducing the Walter Zeller Fellowship

The Walter Zeller Fellowship is an exclusive award unique to The Eliminate Project. The Walter Zeller Fellowship honors Walter Zeller, who made the first gift of 25 silver dollars to establish the Kiwanis International Foundation. The Zeller Fellowship recognizes a gift of US$1,250 and greater to The Eliminate Project. You can become a Zeller Fellow by making a gift or two-year pledge of US$1,250 to The Eliminate Project. Additionally, you can be recognized at the International Convention in Geneva as a Charter Zeller Fellow if you pay the US$1,250 in full prior to convention. More than 70 Kiwanians have already contributed or pledged to become Charter Zeller Fellows. For more information or to become a Zeller Fellow, please contact The Eliminate Project Campaign Office: +1-317-217-6213 or Campaign@TheEliminateProject.org.


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