Go for Goal


Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs—including K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club International, Circle K International and Aktion Club—are vital to The Eliminate Project’s global campaign. The Kiwanis family will raise US$110 million to save or protect millions of women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus. The recognition items below honor Kiwanis-family programs and their members. Request your recognition by using the Kiwanis-family giving form.

For clubs: Unity Award

Donation: Kiwanis club US$500+, SLP club US$500+
Idea: Partner with your sponsoring Kiwanis club to raise US$1,000 in total and double your lifesaving impact.
What Kiwanis Clubs receive: Unity Award patch
What SLP clubs receive: US$500 + US$500 means the SLP club will be eligible for the 1K Club recognition (see below).
Note: Kiwanis club funds need to be credited to the SLP club's fundraising totals to be eligible for this recognition.

For individuals: Elimidallion

Donation: US$625+
Idea: Honor an advisor, administrator or special individual with this award.
What you receive: A medallion

For clubs: 1K Club

Donation: US$1,000+
Idea: Plan a unique fundraiser to rally your club to raise US$1,000
What clubs receive: A 1K Club banner patch and certificate

Service Leadership Programs: Global Service Society

Donation per-member average: US$50 (Gold); US$25 (Silver); US$10 (Bronze)
Idea: Set a donation challenge for your club and go for the gold!
What SLPs receive: Certificate and Kiwanis-family banner patch corresponding with per-member average. Gold Clubs will be eligible for pins for each club member.

Kiwanis recognition

All Service Leadership Program donors remain eligible for the Walter Zeller Fellowship. If you have any additional questions about gifts to The Eliminate Project, please contact the Kiwanis Children's Fund at childrensfund@kiwanis.org.