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Fundraising total as of 9/30/18: US$501,036.99

The tragedy of tetanus breaks the mother/baby bond. The good news? We can help stop this disease!

CKI members are joining forces with the entire Kiwanis family and UNICEF to help save and protect women and their future babies around the world through The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). Through The Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis family will change the world. Maternal and neonatal tetanus affects many, many mothers and babies in the poorest countries of the world, and it's going to take the help of many, many people to eliminate it from the world.

Check out these fundraising ideas, goals, videos and more resources for you and your club.


  • Neonatal tetanus kills one baby every eleven minutes—approximately 34,000 newborns every year.
  • To eliminate MNT from the Earth, more than 100 million women must be immunized to protect themselves and their future babies. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more.
  • It will take US$110 million—and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family. 
  • Kiwanis and UNICEF joined forces to tackle iodine deficiency disorders, achieving one of the most significant public health successes of the 20th century.

Learn more about what you can do to help eliminate MNT from the face of the Earth by checking out this Eliminate Project video and tackling one of the signature fundraising projects below.

Giving goals:

CKI’s goal is to raise US$7.40 per member each year*—as endorsed by the Circle K International Board. If we reach our goal, every CKI member will save or protect at least four lives. View the progress.

New Unity award:

Partner with your sponsoring Kiwanis club to raise US$1,000 (SLP club US$500+, Kiwanis club US$500+) and double your lifesaving impact. Visit the Recognition page for details.

The SLP Global Service Society recognizes clubs for the per-member average of their contributions within one year (October 1– September 30). A club’s per-member average is based on total club giving, from all sources and methods by total membership. Recognition based on per-member average ensures that clubs of any size can be recognized equitably for their efforts.
Learn more about SLP fundraising recognition.