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When the Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur sees an opportunity, they take it. But it’s not just a matter of taking the path before them—it’s about having a larger map before they begin. Known as KCKL, its members have a history of achieving profound impact by being fiscally conservative.

“I am a proud member of a conservative club who is committed to both local children and children throughout the world,” says Chia Sing Hwang, fondly known as Sing by friends and fellow Kiwanis members.

Established in 1976, KCKL was the first Kiwanis club in Malaysia. It has become widely known for raising at least US$100,000 per year to fund the education of 100 children who have Down Syndrome. The club budgets to ensure its continuing support. In fact, good planning has helped KCKL increase its fundraising each year.

This year, the members’ goal is to raise US$300,000 to help educate more than 300 children with Down Syndrome.

Beginning as a Model Club

With its combination of smart planning and heartfelt generosity—and its desire to make an impact both locally and internationally—KCKL was a natural fit for The Eliminate Project.

In 2011, Sing approached the membership about becoming a Model Club. As both a club member and a Kiwanis International Foundation Trustee, Sing knew his fellow members would be moved by the opportunity to save lives and eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

He also knew they would need to see a plan before committing to the US$750 per-member average. The club includes a group of active past club presidents who remain invested in the club’s direction. Sing met with them to discuss the campaign—and to show how each member could save lives through personal giving.

As a result, 10 past club presidents joined the Walter Zeller Fellowships Society, giving US$1,250 each—US$12,500 altogether. This generosity became the foundation of KCKL’s plan to achieve Model Club excellence. Pledging a total of US$33,750, the club started planning fundraising events to raise additional funds to help reach their goal. Club members also raised funds internally through events such as the “Motor Hunt,” a scavenger hunt that attracts sponsors, collects a participation fee and includes lottery tickets, drawings and auctions.

The next step

After that first stage of fundraising success, the Model Club commitment became a stepping stone to greater heights. Soon, Sing’s sights were set on 100K Club status. He knew the club would need an updated map—and an important landmark along the way.

“In Malaysia, there are very generous corporations with community service initiatives,” says Club President Simon Fong. “We are very comfortable with making our corporations aware of The Eliminate Project in order to get their support and funding.”

A Major Gift would also inspire members to think big. In March 2011, Sing invited Kiwanis International Foundation President Hugh Siggins to be a guest at KCKL after the Asia Pacific Convention in Sri Lanka.

President Siggins spoke about The Eliminate Project. He also helped Sing ask local businessman Tan Sri Tee Hock Seng for a Major Gift. Tan Sri Tee agreed—and the club celebrated with a big press event to recognize his commitment. And once again, KCKL responded, created a plan for fulfilling a 100K Club commitment.

Further inspiration

Since the reception to honor Tan Sri Tee Hock Seng’s gift, he and his family have decided to increase their pledge and contribute a Lead Gift to The Eliminate Project.

Meanwhile, KCKL finds itself in a happy position—working to keep pace with the generosity of their community. The club is currently rewriting its plans and considering the next step for The Eliminate Project.

“The Eliminate Project is a wonderful idea because many people are unaware of maternal and neonatal tetanus, and it is a very good thing to help mothers and babies who need our support in countries that are poorer,” says Fong. “We will continue to do all that we can for The Eliminate Project.”

Ways to Achieve

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Name of club: Kuala Lumpur Kiwanis Club

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Serving children since: 1976

Members: 45

Community involvement: Down Syndrome Foundation

Upcoming fundraisers: Motor Hunt scavenger hunt, club and community events, personal contributions

Donation: US$100,000

Impact: Save or protect more than 55,000 women and their future babies