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The Fargo, North Dakota, Kiwanis Club already had a history of aiming high. But club members reached a new high when they decided to support The Eliminate Project. Part of the appeal is the fact that even a gift of less than US$2 to the campaign makes an impact—protecting the lives of one woman and her future babies.

“Rarely can we do so much for such a small donation,” says Club President Ryan Hoffman. “It was our calling to push for a heavy goal, due to our leadership, our size and our presence in our community.”

The process to become a 100K Club started early, with a few key club leaders. The timing was good: The club had just begun strategy sessions to create plans and goals for the future. The Eliminate Project became one of those goals.

Multiple methods

To achieve such an ambitious target, Fargo Kiwanians are employing multiple fundraising methods. The club aims to reach US$100,000 through individual giving from club members, community support and fundraising activities.

Additionally, the Fargo club sells wristbands and collects donations during big club events—such as its annual pancake breakfast. In fact, the pancake breakfast is a good example of a club taking something it already does well and making it a vehicle for The Eliminate Project.

Over the event’s 55 consecutive years, club members have mixed, flipped and served up enough pancakes to feed more than 10,500 community members. And the dinners have raised funds for organizations ranging from the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center to the Special Olympics, the YWCA and the Fargo club’s sponsored Key Club. Now it will help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

The pancake breakfast also fits a key component of the club’s fundraising strategy: community involvement. For example, the Fargo club is working with other Kiwanis clubs in the community to distribute a joint press release to raise awareness of the pancake breakfast and efforts to support The Eliminate Project.

In fact, club members constantly look for opportunities to involve community churches, nonprofits and other organizations. Ultimately, Hoffman says, it’s the boldness of the goal itself that gives members faith that they’ll reach 100K Club status—and save or protect more than 55,000 women and their future babies.

“We don’t know everything yet—and that’s ok,” he says. “You don’t know what your potential is until you set an aggressive, sometimes audacious, goal. Since we set our goal, we’ve talked about when we hit this goal, not if.”

Ways to Achieve

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Name: Kiwanis Club of Fargo

Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota

Serving children since: 1920

Members: 114

Upcoming fundraisers: annual pancake fundraiser, bracelet sales

Donation: US$100,000

Impact: Save or protect more than 55,000 mothers and their future babies