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Let’s end bullying

Bully yelling - Kiwanis bully prevention resources

Bullying hurts. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 20 percent of American teens in grades 9-12 had been bullied on school grounds in the past year.

The bullying epidemic is more widespread than we think. Six out of 10 youth in the United States alone witness bullying at least once a day, and thousands of students see school as a place of fear rather than fun and learning. 

The good news: This epidemic isn’t immune to support from the Kiwanis family.

Through Kiwanis and its service leadership programs for youth—K-Kids for elementary school, Builders Club for middle school and Key Club for high school—we can make our schools safe zones for all students. Youth who are members of these programs learn compassion, teamwork and responsibility through service learning, and are less likely to bully other students or be bullied themselves.

Want to help end bullying? First, read Kiwanis’ position on bullying and hazing. Then print out one of our anti-bullying posters and get permission to hang it up at a local school or community center. Check out our resources to learn more about how you can get involved in the anti-bullying movement.

Join the fight. End bullying.

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