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Kiwanis pushes for US$66 million to reach 2015 goal for The Eliminate Project

We’re getting there.

With less than two years left in The Eliminate Project fundraising campaign, Kiwanis members have raised nearly US$44 million in funds.

But there’s still more work to be done. We must raise an additional US$66 million by 2015 to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus—and ensure no mother faces the death of her baby simply because she didn’t have access to a safe birthing environment or three doses of the tetanus vaccine that cost only US$1.80.

At last count, 25 countries, including Ethiopia, Chad, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya and Yemen, were still at risk of the deadly diseases and need our help.

Let’s keep up the momentum

To ensure that we reach our goal to raise US$110 million for The Eliminate Project, consider these three tips as 2014 gets under way.

  1. Hold a special meeting. If your club already has announced a goal, gather the team sometime in January. During that meeting, answer the following questions: “How much do we need to raise each month to reach our goal?” “What type of fundraisers can we hold?” “How will we stay on top of our progress?” Then, map a strategy to reach your goal. If you haven’t set a goal, use the meeting to determine how much your club will raise.
  2. Get the team inspired. Sometimes we can focus on numbers and lose sight of the impact we’re making—that we are actually changing the world by saving lives. Share this video, The Eliminate Project: This Is Our Moment, to your club members, family and friends. You also can invite a guest speaker, maybe a health professional, to one of your meetings. Ask him or her to talk about the challenges underdeveloped countries face with healthcare.
  3. Get advice. Contact other clubs to find out how they’re raising funds for The Eliminate Project. What has been working for them can definitely work for you.

A worldwide effort

Kiwanis members all around the world have been stepping up to the challenge of this historic goal. Together, we can eliminate MNT from the face of the Earth. Here are just a few highlights from our latest reports* on The Eliminate Project:

  • Japan: Donations have reached an average of US$638 per member—with that district just surpassing its goal of about US$1.05 million.
  • Western Canada: This district is not far behind Japan, with per member giving averaging US$594 for a total of US$625,000.
  • New Jersey: With US$619,572 raised, the district is on pace to reach its US$1.29 million goal.
  • Australia: This district is closing in on its goal to raise US$560,000. It has raised more than US$489,000.
  • Czech/Slovak Republic: The district has nearly doubled its goal to raise US$15,000, with more than US$27,000 raised so far.
  • Malaysia: Donations have climbed to US$754,000—with about US$246,000 to go to reach the district’s goal.
  • Texas-Oklahoma: Thirty-six clubs in the district have committed to raise an annual per-member average of US$150 or more each year for five years—with each member saving more than 416 lives.

* As of Dec. 15, 2013

If you have an interesting story about fundraising efforts for The Eliminate Project, please share it with us. We’d love to hear from you. Send it to shareyourstory@kiwanis.org for consideration.

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