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Key Club’s goal is to save or protect more than 800,000 lives

By Key Club International President, Raeford Penny

At the Key Club International board meeting in November, all board members made a pledge to raise US$1.5 million for The Eliminate Project by the end of the Kiwanis year in September 2014, which will save or protect more than 833,000 lives. US$1.5 million is a unique fundraising challenge, as it is similar to what is urgently needed to vaccinate approximately 1.9 million women in 62 target areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). DRC has scheduled the second round of its tetanus immunization campaign, provided that funding is made available now. This is just one example of why our collective efforts are so needed by the women and children that we are serving and why it is so crucial that we deliver funding to UNICEF now and in the future.

We wanted to set a goal for Key Club International to be higher than last year’s total, yet still achievable in order to celebrate our success. We hope that when the goal is reached, it will give momentum to Key Clubbers around the globe and show us the true potential of what high school students can achieve when we set our minds on a goal.

To think that we, as Key Clubbers, can have such a positive impact on so many women and babies is truly breathtaking! Each Key Club International board member has also pledged to hold a fundraiser for The Eliminate Project before our next board meeting in February, so stay tuned to hear more.

We realized that doing things as they normally have been done is not going to let us reach our goals. We spent some time discussing new ideas for fundraising activities and raising awareness in our clubs. And, we look forward to working with all of you – every Key Club member - to reach this goal and to rid the world of maternal and neonatal tetanus. Together, as the Kiwanis family, we can do it!

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