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One can make a difference! That's what Gus Lamond believes. That’s part of the reason why the 67-year-old resident of Richmond, Virginia got involved with The Eliminate Project.

Lamond is now on the trip of a lifetime observing UNICEF-led efforts to immunize thousands of women, protecting them and their future newborns.

We had a chance to speak with Lamond prior to him boarding a plane and traveling roughly 9,000 miles to Madagascar. Following are some of the insights he shared on The Eliminate Project and what excites him about seeing UNICEF at work.

What excites you the most about the trip to Madagascar?

“As the trip draws near, the excitement and the anticipation of the travel to a foreign country grows. I am also looking forward to seeing my classmate and Kiwanis International President, Gunter Gasser and his wife. Gunter and I had the privilege of serving as Governors of our respective Kiwanis districts under the leadership of Kiwanis International President Nettles Brown.”

Why did you get involved with The Eliminate Project?

“I was introduced to Kiwanis’ Global Campaign for Children during the 2011 Capital District convention. What I saw and heard moved me. I decided to volunteer for the campaign and eventually to support the campaign as a Lead Gift Donor.”

Why do you financially support The Eliminate Project?

“I found out that a child dies every nine minutes. You can't even hold them. I couldn't imagine the feeling a mother gets carrying a child for nine months and then losing them to tetanus. That's why I give. I do it because there's a child in need. One can make a difference!”

What does The Eliminate Project mean to Kiwanis?

“We as Kiwanians have been presented with the wonderful opportunity of teaming up with UNICEF to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the world. By accomplishing this goal, we will be living our mission statement of changing the world, one child and one community at a time. The elimination of MNT will remove one of the medical hurdles to the children of the world and give them a head start on a healthy life.”

What is the potential of The Eliminate Project?

“Who knows what the children of a mother vaccinated for a mere US$1.80 can contribute to the future of this place called earth? Will he or she be the person to find the cure for cancer or one of the many other illnesses and/or diseases that currently plagues society?”

Lamond has been involved with Kiwanis for 29 years. He is currently a member of the Fort Lee Kiwanis Club. A retiree, Lamond enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, serving through Kiwanis and the Shriners, reading, cooking and counted cross-stitching.

Besides Lamond, Kiwanis International President Gunter Gasser and his wife Christiana Gasser, Executive Director for Kiwanis International Stan Soderstrom, Kiwanis member Greg Beard and Kiwanis magazine managing editor Kasey Jackson are the other Kiwanis delegates visiting Madagascar.

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