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More than one way to give a Zeller

Even animals can help save or protect moms and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus. At least they can in Pennsylvania.

During a recent Kiwanis Club of Punxsutawney meeting, the Board voted to award its honorary member, Punxsutawney Phil, with a Walter Zeller Fellowship.

According to his handlers, Phil had been in a state of deep depression since last winter when he was accused of what some thought was a wrong prediction of spring. The club board wanted to cheer Phil up and honor his service with a special gift that matches the hope and possibility he forecasts each February.

Pennsylvania District Coordinator Ethan McBeth presented the Zeller to Phil to kick off the Key Club of Punxsutawney’s twilight 5K run and one mile walk. Afterward, Phil leaned over and whispered “by awarding me a Zeller, I predict that more than 690 women and their future babies will not die from tetanus.” He also said if he can have a Zeller then everyone can and should have one.

Nearly 200 individuals from the community showed up to help celebrate the event. The Key Club raised more than US$2,000 for The Eliminate Project.

Tip: Honor a local celebrity, TV personality, your club president or a special club member with the gift that matches their commitment to serve others. Give a Zeller Fellowship or Club Presidential Zeller today.

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