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Dinner in white

Dinner in white - smiling mom and daughter

Maybe you’ve heard of Le Dîner en Blanc (Dinner in White) concept: a group of people picks a surprise location, invites friends to bring food and all-white dinnerware and linens, and then creates a beautiful, elegant party meant for a good time—but also to draw attention.

The Kiwanis Club of Nürnberg-Franken, Germany, borrowed this concept for its dinner in white party and turned a lot of heads recently at a park right in the center of Nurnberg. The popular fundraiser has grown to more than 100 attendees and club members have hopes to get to 500.

Sounds like the perfect way to attract attention to Kiwanis. And it’s something any club could try. Just get a few members together to work on planning. Announce plans to have the event, and ask members to bring all-white linens, cutlery, food and drink. The club can pitch in to rent tables and chairs—and maybe find decorations and entertainers. Find a location, but remember, keep the suspense going by keeping it secret to the rest of your members and friends. Turn it into a fundraiser by asking everyone to bring a small donation.

Set up in the park and watch all the curious people walking by, wanting to know what Kiwanis is all about!
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