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Make your meetings move: ways to get acquainted in new clubs

Studying your new club’s roster, you fill with pride at this great lineup. These names represent all areas of your community—a diverse mix of personalities and professions. Everyone’s excited about being part of the club and serving the community.

But how do you get your roster to form a team, to work together?

Give them time to get acquainted. And give them a reason to interact.

With the following activities, people can get to know each other, even share a few laughs. Personalities will be revealed, individual strengths will become apparent and leadership roles may even be filled.

1- Either/Or

Time:  15 minutes

Purpose:  Promote thinking and get acquainted


Create two separate sides to the room, using tape or laying a rope on the ground. Have all members start on one side. Then read one of the following either/or situations aloud. Members will select one side or the other. After members choose sides, ask for feedback. Why did they choose a certain side over the other?

Either/or topics may include:

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  • Would you rather know it all or have it all?
  • Would you rather raise money or provide hands-on service?
  • Would you rather be unable to tell time or know left from right?
  • Would you rather give up texting or your computer?

2- Color Jacuzzi

Time:   10–15 minutes

Purpose:  Get acquainted


Get the group to meet other members quickly. The facilitator calls out a color of the rainbow and members respond.

  • Red is the stop color. Share one of your pet peeves—something that irritates you.
  • Orange is the motivation color. What motivates you?
  • Yellow is the inspiration or creativity color. What was the best idea you’ve ever had?
  • Green is the money color. If you had a million dollars, what charity would you donate to?
  • Blue is the sky’s-the-limit color. What is your favorite fantasy about your future?
  • Indigo is the out-of-the-ordinary color. What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
  • Purple is the royalty color. If you were ruler of the universe for a day, what is the first thing you would do?

3- Your piece of the puzzle

Time:   15–30 minutes                       

Purpose:  Get acquainted


Purchase blank puzzles from your local art/craft store. Buy enough so that each person in your club will get a piece.

At the meeting, distribute the puzzle pieces. Ask each person to write his or her name on the front of the piece. Bring a sheet of flipchart paper or poster board and some glue or tape.

Ask everyone to share what skills, qualities and other positive attributes they offer to the club. After each person shares, he or she should glue the piece onto the poster board.

When everyone has participated, talk about the importance of each piece of the puzzle: the leaders, committee chairmen and members. Discuss the missing pieces: members who are not coming to meetings. Finally, talk about the extra pieces: prospective members who have not yet joined.


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