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Break the ice: Welcome the new guy

There’s something intimidating about being the new person in a group. You start looking around for a familiar face. Or maybe another newcomer. You try to appear busy and important by pulling out your phone to check for messages. Then you head to the refreshments table, hoping the meeting will start soon.

Why do new members have to feel this kind of stress?

The answer is: They don’t. Take the initiative to reach out and welcome them.

1-      Assign a mentor to each new addition to your roster, even before you’ve officially added his or her name to the list.

2-      Use icebreakers to level the playing field for those newbies and get the fun started. After these activities, people are more likely to interact with each other and participate in the rest of the meeting discussion.

We all want to feel welcome—to feel a connection as soon as we walk in the door. You can help make that connection at your Kiwanis club meetings.


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