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I would not be who I am today

Marisa Siever, Key Club Alumni

Where to begin...Key Club opened me up to so many new things. I was president my senior year of my local chapter...attending 3 DLC's and 2 ICON's with the Missouri/Arkansas District. Wow, lifelong friendships from many places around the world, a second family, and an amazing relationship with someone from the Duschene Key Club. I continue to serve my community at my hometown and where I go to college. I am constantly visiting friends in Missouri that shared memories with me. I will never ever forget the great moments I had while being a part of this amazing organization. Serving others is what I believe is my calling in life so I am on the path to being a PT and moving to Nashville to live a happy life full of service to everyone around me! Thanks so much for making Key Club a huge organization at Cabot High because if it was not for that I would not be who I am today.

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