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Picture perfect

A picture is worth a thousand words. Spread your Key Club memories by sharing yours! Tag us @KeyClubAlumni on Facebook or Twitter.

It doesn’t matter if you were a member of your club this past year or 10 years ago—we value your experience. For example, your photos could show:

  • Your club serving. What kind of service projects was your club known for? It could be big or small, but either way: share your club in action.
  • The best friends you met in Key Club. Many members build lifelong relationships in Key Club. Did you gain a couple best friends? Maybe a life partner? Share a picture of who Key Club brought into your life.
  • Your transformation. Stay connected with fellow Key Club alumni—share how you look now vs. then! A lot can change with time. Have you?

Whatever you choose to share, be sure to tag us @KeyClubAlumni. Your picture could be chosen for future newsletters or social media! Help us capture the awesomeness of Key Club by sharing your memories. 

Key Club members walking in annual parade

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