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Simply serving

Serving others doesn’t always have to be a big production. It can be done with a small amount of time, and little to no cost. Try these simple service project ideas with family, friends or your Kiwanis club. Share your experience with other alumni—tag us on Facebook @KeyClubInternationalAlumni and on Twitter @KeyClubAlumni

Get dirty in the name of service. Can you think of someone having a rough time or facing big challenges? With summer basically here, they may wish to do some yard work, but are simply too overwhelmed with everything else. Help lighten their load by planting flowers, pulling weeds or mowing their lawn as a surprise!  

Bring joy to sick kids. Time spent at the hospital can be a bore, especially if it’s beautiful and sunny outside. Provide hours of entertainment, at little to no cost, by donating a few “I-Spy” bottles to a local children's hospital! All you’ll need is one plastic bottle, a few small items or toys, rice and a hot glue gun. In the I-Spy bottle, every shake will show new treasures.

Use your green thumb. If you’re good at gardening and tend to grow more than you can consume, why not spread the wealth? Share what you grow with a neighbor, family, friends or homeless shelter. Don’t let your homegrown beauties go to waste!

Bring on bubble-mania. Ahhh, bubbles. Who would have thought water and soap could be so much fun? Deliver this fun activity to a local daycare center and you’ll brighten everyone’s day. Luckily, it’s easy to make homemade bubbles and refill station. Consider this easy service project before you throw away your next container of laundry soap.

Make a difference by serving others!

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