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You've got options

Your time in Key Club granted you with memories that will last a lifetime. Create even more memories: stay involved with the Kiwanis family by joining a Kiwanis club!

There are many club options when deciding to stay involved with Kiwanis. The classic Kiwanis club format offers regular meetings and a variety of service opportunities—similar to your Key Club experience. And if you’re an alumni of Circle K International, consider a Circle K International Alumni club, which also functions similar to classic Kiwanis clubs but offers lower member dues.

After all, life is busy—we get that. That is why Kiwanis has created alternative club types! If you want to serve but simply don’t have the time for the traditional club format, consider one of these:

  • Internet-based club
  • Young professionals club
  • 3-2-1 club
  • Company-based club

These clubs utilize technology, have flexible meeting schedules and plan service projects that fit members’ demanding schedules. The Young professionals clubs are a great way to connect with people of the same age groups that hold shared interest! Another way to connect with people in your desired profession is with a Company-based club! Connect with co-workers by serving together in a convenient setting!

If you’re looking to charter a new club, keep these various options in mind. When chartering a new club, you have the opportunity to choose the traditional format, or an alternative format that can attract potential members with common lifestyles.

Whatever your schedule requires, there is a Kiwanis club that will fit your needs. Serve others, gain friendships and create lasting memories—by joining a Kiwanis club!

Members of a Young Professional Club volunteering
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