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Smiling faces and full stomachs

The international conventions of the Kiwanis family attracted nearly 6,000 people to downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, in June. Circle K’s convention was one of the events hosted in the city as part of Kiwanis International’s 100th anniversary celebration. Another big success during the weekend was the Alumni Luncheon.

Nearly 180 alumni from both Key Club and Circle K filled the Hard Rock Cafe—the whole place!—on June 27. Recent graduates had a chance to connect with each other, and with seasoned alumni; graduates from the 70's through 2015 enjoyed the event.

All attendees had the chance to participate in the Key Club Mind Twister and the Circle K Mind Twister, both of which challenged players with questions regarding the programs’ respective histories. You can play too—see how well you can do. And check out the Alumni Luncheon winners!

Key Club Mind Twister Winners:

KCI Alumni first prize winner KCI Alumni second prize winner

Find more pictures from the event on the Key Club Alumni Facebook page. Feel free to “tag” yourself where you see appropriate!

Thanks to all who celebrated at the Key Club International and Circle K International Alumni Reception. We hope to see even more people next year!

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