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Key Club Mind Twister

Think you know all about Key Club? Prove it! Test what you know about KCI by taking the Key Club Mind Twister

(True master's of Key Club knowledge don't look at the answers until the end!)

Lets begin!

1) How old is Key Club? 

A. 95 years

B. 90 years

C. 100 years

D. 88 years

2) The Key Club mission statement, fill in the blanks!

"Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide _________ build _________ and develop ________"

A. service, leaders, a generation

B. direction, leaders, the future

C. confidence, attitude, sass

D. service, character, leadership

3) The first Key Club met at ________ High School.

A. Whitney

B. Lowell

C. Sacramento

D. Lynbrook

4) What is the slogan of Key Club?

A. Caring - Our Way of Life

B. Better Than the Rest

C. Live to Serve, Love to Serve

D. Building Leaders, Serving the World

5) The name "Key Club" was established by the first club. They referred to   themselves as the "Key Boys", due to their valiant doings. 

True / False


Key Club Mind Twister Answers (no peaking!!)

  1. B '90 years'
  2. D 'service, character, leadership'
  3. C 'Sacramento'
  4. A 'Caring - Our Way of Life'
  5. True

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