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Benefits: Travel & Insurance

As an alumnus, you have many benefits available to members of the Kiwanis family. Here are two: access to Kiwanis Travel and Kiwanis Life Insurance. And yes, you can take full advantage of these opportunities even if you aren’t in a Kiwanis club. Take the journey of a lifetime with Kiwanis Travel. And protect your family’s finances with Kiwanis Life Insurance.

Kiwanis Travel

Thanks to Kiwanis International’s exclusive partnership with AHI Travel—a respected group tour operator since 1962—you have opportunities to explore the world through the Kiwanis Travel program. Marvel at Ireland's ruins and iconic Italian landscapes. Immerse yourself in Barcelonian magic. Or cruise the mighty Danube River.

AHI Travel will carefully craft an itinerary that will provide you with a journey full of unique opportunities. Create priceless memories with Kiwanis Travel. Check out the travel opportunities in 2016, which include trips to Barcelona, Italy, Holland and much more. What are you waiting for?

Kiwanis Life Insurance

The newest offering of Kiwanis Insurance, Life Insurance Central®, helps you and your family continue to live as they do now should a fatal accident occur. Term Life Insurance covers you for a specific term or span of years. You can get a no-cost comparison quote or call 1-800-866-5074, ext. 9633, to speak directly with a licensed agent.

Already have life insurance? It’s wise to periodically review your insurance portfolio. You may wish to purchase additional coverage, or take advantage of lower rates. Life Insurance Central's licensed representatives can help you determine how much coverage you need—and then find a company and policy to meet those needs.

Member benefits
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