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One Day—Big Impact

Imagine nearly 600,000 Kiwanis family members teaming up on one day to make a huge impact around the world. Sounds crazy, right? Well, be a part of the madness. Participate in Kiwanis One Day!

Get out and serve with the Kiwanis family on Saturday, April 2, 2016. We encourage all Kiwanis family members to get involved—including Circle K alumni like you.

So, who’s part of the Kiwanis family?

The goal of Kiwanis One Day is to team up with as many members of the Kiwanis family as possible to work on a service project. Contact a district administrator if you wish to serve with any of the above clubs for Kiwanis One Day on April 2. Contact information for district administrators can be found on the club website.

Here’s an idea: plan a Circle K alumni service project! Use the Circle K International Alumni’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages to find alums near you!

Need some ideas for your Kiwanis One Day projects? Sort food at a local food bank or shelter, work at a Habitat for Humanity build site or freshen up the paint on a community building, such as a Boys and Girls Club. If you want more ideas, take a look at videos of previous Kiwanis One Day winners.

Oh, and did we forget to mention there is a video contest? Find out how your Kiwanis One Day group could win big.

Members volunteering on Kiwanis One Day

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