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Are you a former CKI member—and still committed to service leadership? Or getting ready to graduate and leave your CKI club? Connect with other alumni!

Let folks know what you’re up to. Join your fellow Circle K International alumni today.

As the network grows, we will continue to evolve to ensure a valuable experience for our members. Through blogs and story-sharing, let’s reconnect and find out who's where and what they are up to.
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How are you supporting The Eliminate Project?

With The Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis family is raising US$110 million to save and protect millions of mothers and newborns from maternal and neonatal tetanus. You can be a part of it. Help protect the connection between mother and child that this painful, deadly disease destroys.

And help inspire others by getting the word out. If you’re planning a service or fundraising event, let us know! Email prior to your event, and we will help you generate awareness.  

Has your event already occurred? Let us highlight your story. Email us, and we will include your story in our blog.

When sending us your story, please include the name of the project, your contact information, and the club or clubs participating. Send that along with photos and your a 300-500 word story

Remember to subscribe to The Eliminate Project blog and visit often!

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