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Kiwanis One Day: Suggestions & Ideas

Information shared by the CKI Kiwanis Family Relations Committee:

Kiwanis One Day is a great opportunity for your club to connect with your Kiwanis counterparts! Here are a couple of activities that we think would be fun to engage in with the other branches:

If you’re looking to join your Kiwanis Clubs in service on Kiwanis One Day, one project that is really cool is making hospital dolls, which helps with one of Kiwanis’s service programs, Young Child Priority One. The materials you will need are: the doll
pattern, fabric, cotton stuffing, pencils or chalk, scissors, needle and thread, and a sewing machine. You may ask your Kiwanis Club to purchase these items or your club may split the cost with them. The doll pattern and the instructions for making these dolls can be found at After you have finished making all the hospital dolls, you may donate it to your local hospital, who will find them useful for comforting young children that might be undergoing a surgical procedure.

Another project you may find exciting to do with your local Kiwanis Club is to volunteer to prepare and serve food at the local rescue mission or local food bank as it ties in with CKI’s service partner, STUFH (Students Team Up to Fight Hunger). A third project you can do with your Kiwanis on Kiwanis One Day is to do arts and crafts or read to the young children at the local library. Both Kiwanis and CKI have a huge focus on the children of our local communities, so working with them at the library on Kiwanis One Day would be perfect!

The Builder’s Club is also a really cute branch of Kiwanis Family members that you can work with on Kiwanis One Day! A few projects you can do with your Builder’s Club are to volunteer at the local senior citizen’s home and serve at the local YMCA. Senior citizens don’t get visitors very often, so to see fresh, new, and young faces who can come in to have a nice conversation with them can make them very happy. You and your Builder’s Club members can assist with their afternoon game of Bingo if they are playing that day. Equally exciting is volunteering at the local YMCA where you may get to play with the young children in the Kids Zone while their parents work out. Making peanut butter jelly sandwiches are easy, so it will be fun to work with your Builder’s Club members on them. And by donating them to the local homeless shelter, your club is doing something for STUFH.

Some ideas for how to integrate your K-Kids on Kiwanis One Day are making bookmarks and making cards for children in local
hospitals. Your club can provide the markers and construction paper and you’ll be amazed with the creativity of the K-Kids members! It will be nice to have K-Kids members write thoughtful cards to the locally hospitalized children.

Working with your local Aktion Club can also be an amazing experience for Kiwanis One Day! You can team up with them to plant trees or flowers in your local park. Another idea is to help paint the benches in the park, if gardening is not a project that you’re thrilled about.

Don’t limit yourself to the ideas suggested here. Talk to your club and figure out which branches, if not all of them, you’d like to serve with on Kiwanis One Day! Contact your Kiwanis Family counterparts and see if maybe they already have a project planned that they need a couple of more helping hands with. Whatever it is that your club decides, just remember to go out there and serve on Kiwanis One Day this year!

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