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Reaching recruits: attracting alumni through current youth members

For Kiwanis clubs and districts, the Key Club and Circle K International alumni offer great recruiting opportunities. People who join the network are service-minded and familiar with Kiwanis. Privacy policies prevent Kiwanis from distributing contact lists—but there are still ways to reach members.
Here’s one great way: work with local Key Clubs and CKI clubs. Current club leaders often stay in touch with former members in the area. Some of those clubs even have their own alumni communications. Get in touch. Ask for insights into finding local alumni. Then grow your club by inviting those alumni to join.
And consider returning the favor: let new members know about Kiwanis International’s alumni network. Membership in both a Kiwanis club and an alumni network is a great way to do more.
Here are some tips for recruiting through Key Club and CKI:

  1. Use club publications. When you contact a Key Club or CKI club, see if it has a club publication—or even an alumni publication. If so, ask for contact information and write an article or place an ad in the club’s publications.
  2. Be visible. During service projects, make a sign or poster asking whether people were part of Key Club or CKI. Some alumni don’t realize their youth clubs were affiliated with Kiwanis. It’s a good conversation-starter—and a lead to future club members.
  3. Use the names to attract attention. When advertising club meetings or events in print, add a specific call for CKI and Key Club alumni to contact you.        
  4. Spread the word. Write an article about your search for CKI and Key Club alumni and submit it to a local newspaper and other publications.

Learn more about the alumni opportunities at and

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