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CKI ICON 2001: Alumni luncheonThis year, the Circle K International Convention welcomed members of the CKI Alumni Association to the event’s benefit luncheon for The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus.

The luncheon was productive in several ways. For instance, attendees were treated to a presentation about MNT’s effects on babies and mothers—and the ways Kiwanis-family members can help eliminate the disease through the global campaign for children. The luncheon also gave attendees a chance to discuss the CKI Alumni Association—with feedback on how to attract alumni and get them involved. Ideas ranged from creating a text-to-give campaign to selling merchandise and displaying campaign materials in major malls.

CKI ICON 2011: Tony Wang and Alumni LuncheonThe group also discussed new opportunities for CKI Alumni Association members. Members expressed an interest in serving as mentors to current students and hosting workshops at future conventions.  There was also an interest in more “ready-to-run” pieces—completed informational items that members can distribute to other alumni to recruit association members.

We’d love to hear your ideas for making the CKI Alumni Association a success. After all, the association is in its early stages, so the program is guided by members’ feedback and will evolve to meet their needs. Send your ideas—including ways for alumni to get involved with The Eliminate Project—to us at

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