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International President Sue Petrisin welcomes you

2015-16 Kiwanis International President, Sue Petrisin

Dear Circle K friends,

Congratulations on a great Circle K year! So, what’s next? I had to make the same decision when I graduated from Michigan State University and left Circle K behind.

I decided to continue my life of service because kids continue to need our help. There still are too many kids who don’t have access to clean water, or education or vaccines. The list goes on and on. Your service through Circle K has already made a big difference in this world. Why stop now?

As Circle K alumni, you will always be part of the Kiwanis global network, which allows you to participate in service opportunities and attend special events. You will also be able to access the many intrinsic values of Kiwanis, including developing leadership skills, connecting to your community and making friends wherever you go. You will continue to receive the alumni’s e-publication and other communications from Kiwanis. We hope this connection with Kiwanis will encourage you to continue a life of service.

When you are ready to take an active role in improving communities, join a Kiwanis club. Circle K Alumni don’t pay a new member fee or Kiwanis International dues for the first two years of their membership! To find a club near you, put your address into our Find A Club locator. I’ll be honest, the first Kiwanis club you visit may not be the right fit for you, so try a different one. Don’t give up. Each of the more than 16,000 clubs in the Kiwanis family has its own personality. I know you’ll find one you like. I did. And I haven’t missed a meeting since.

This is an exciting time in your life. It’s also scary. Stay connected with us and we’ll help you change the world.

In Kiwanis service,

Sue's Signature

Sue Petrisin

1984-85 Circle K International Governor, Michigan District

2015-16 President, Kiwanis International

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