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Volunteer service above all

In life and school, Ali Grotkowski had a lot of commitments during her college years. But she joined the CKI club at the University of Alberta when she found that the culture of the club was focused on volunteer service above everything else.

“Certainly we socialized a lot, but our number one priority was volunteering and there were often numerous projects happening in each week, “Ali says. “My club was strong and didn’t always do things in the expected manner, but I think this flexibility is partially why this club still exists to this day.”

Ali filled multiple leadership roles in her club and beyond—including International Trustee, Western Canada District Governor, and Kiwanis-Family Relations Chair.

Being an International Trustee in particular, she says, had a great impact on her life beyond CKI. Ali broadened her horizons—thanks to travel, training, skills development, and a better understanding of the world outside of her surroundings.

“Without these experiences, I strongly believe I would not have had some of the same skills when presented with other opportunities in my life,” she say. “And I wouldn’t have had so much success with time management, volunteer management and other roles in my work, volunteering, and social life.”

Ali earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature. Upon completing her Bachelor degrees, Ali went on to earn two Masters—in Library and Information Studies and in Humanities Computing—from the University of Alberta.

Ali is currently a Records Coordinator for the Government of Alberta. Her favorite part of her job is the opportunity to put her extensive education to good use.

She has also put her Kiwanis-family experience to use—by joining the Kiwanis Club of Edmonton Young Professionals. True to her leadership and initiative, she was the charter president of the club. Now she is one the members of a satellite club. And she didn’t forget the importance of the organization she joined in college:  Ali served as the Circle K District Administrator for the Western Canada District for for more than 5 years.

In fact, one of her Circle K highlights actually comes from her time as a mentor. “My favourite memory is probably that of attending GATC for the first time as a Kiwanian,” she says, “and seeing the enthusiastic faces of CKI members who were meeting each other for the first time as governors.”

Ali Grotkowski, Circle K International alumni

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