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Unexpected Treasures of a CKI alum

Keyla Reeder, Circle K International alumni, shares her story.

Circle K matters most to be because of the unexpected treasures that I have found as a member: the friends I have gained in the past two years, the amazing people I have met along the way, and much more. I joined the Kiwanis family two years ago as a member of Circle K of Colegio E.P.I. (Aruba). I was one of the first members to help build and structure the club. As the very first president of CKI EPI, my club and I encountered a lot of challenges.

As a charter member, I built upon my inner leadership, enhanced my abilities to help those in need and gained a lot of true friendships along the way. CKI taught me how to plan, organize and execute projects, from service projects to fundraisers. Our club learned to utilize creativity because that is what CKI does—it forces you to be creative in order to make a difference in your community.

I grew so much as a person and a student. Because of CKI, my love for others and my community expanded. I am finishing my associate’s degree in hospitality management this year, and I have started an internship at Colegio E.P.I. in the Human Resources Department. Since I decided to join CKI, I have become more responsible and learned tips which have helped me to become more organized in both my personal and professional life.

It was rewarding to win Distinguished Club President 2014–2015 from the CKI Caribbean District and Student of the Year for the Shoco Awards of Excellence as a hospitality student. A lot of people that know me see me as a role model for other fellow students, and I have Kiwanis and CKI to thank for this. Kiwanis International clubs not only promote service and fellowship, but they also build tomorrow's leaders.

I have gained so many valuable memories and experiences from Circle K that I have been inspired to serve as the Kiwanis Club advisor for a Builders Club Mon Plaisir College Aruba.I believe in our youth. I believe that through Kiwanis we are can inspire and build the next generation of leaders.

Show your K in every way. You never know who you could impact.

Circle K alumni, have you shared your story with us yet? Tell us your favorite memory, or about the kind of impact Circle K had on you. Big or small, we want them all!

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