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Nominate featured alumni

We love to highlight our alumni’s achievements—and get their insights on how Circle K helped them become who they are. We do it by interviewing alumni and sharing their story with the rest of the Circle K Alumni association. And we’re always searching for outstanding Circle K alumni to feature—can you think of anyone?

We exist to keep you connected with service minded individuals just like you. The best way to do this is to share your stories! After all, Circle K club members’ skills will typically place members ahead of their peers, meaning that members are capable of great achievements beyond their time in Circle K.

Help us keep the connection strong by nominating an alumnus for an interview. Whose story is worth sharing? And hey, don’t be afraid to nominate yourself? After all, if you were in Circle K you must be pretty awesome.

Nominations should include the alum’s full name, any contact information and an optional bit of information about why that person should be featured. Send nominations to

Nominate featured alumni

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