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Circle K Mind Twister

Think you know all about Circle K? Prove it! Test what you know about CKI by taking the Circle K Mind Twister!

(True master's of Circle K knowledge don't look at the answers until the end!)

Let's begin!

1) How many years since the first CKI club was chartered?

A. 90 years

B. 68 years

C. 100 years

D. 78 years

2) The Circle K International pledge, fill in the blanks!

"I pledge to uphold the objectives of Circle K International, to foster _________ and __________ toward others through service and leadership, to develop my abilities and the abilities of all people, and to dedicate myself to the realization of mankind's potential."

A. kindness, love

B. understanding, compassion

C. compassion, goodwill

D. love, duty

3) Originally, Circle K was organized as a fraternity, Kappa lota Phi. Their mission was to serve men who needed financial aid to attend college.

True / False

4) The origins of Circle K International were in _________, Washington.

A. Pullman

B. Vancouver

C. Redmond

D. Auburn

5) What is the slogan of CKI?

A. We Rock. Enough Said.

B. Caring - Our Way of Life

C. Service is life!

D. Live to Serve, Love to Serve


Circle K Mind Twister Answers (no peaking!!)

  1. B '68 years'
  2. C 'compassion/goodwill'
  3. True
  4. A 'Pullman'
  5. D 'Live to Serve, Love to Serve'

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