create a character collection box

Create A Character Collection Box               

Show off your personalized “Create a Character” Trick-or-Treat boxes.

This year, Kiwanis-family clubs will receive white UNICEF boxes instead of the traditional orange ones. Get creative. Brainstorm and draw a character or colorful design on your collection box. Or download and decorate the new "Design your Own" wrapper. Cool characters will inspire donations — and save more lives.

Organize a box-decorating party during one of your club meetings.

Enter UNICEF’s Create a Character Contest.

Will you color in a scary goblin? Draw a silly jack-o’-lantern? The opportunities are endless—and so is your creativity!

***Please note: Due to the incredible response and interest from Kiwanis-family members, we have distributed our stock of 240,000 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF collection boxes. You can still participate in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF by following these simple steps: 1) download and print the “Design your Own” coin wrapper, 2) draw a character or colorful design on it, 3) glue or tape the wrapper to a can, 4) collect donations and 5) fill out the Trick-or-Treat gift form and submit your donations to the Kiwanis International Foundation.