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Austrian club uses song to raise funds

Are you looking to increase the tempo of your fundraising for The Eliminate Project? Try this idea from the Kiwanis Club of Linz-Stifter in Austria. The club recently struck a chord with the famous national rock band “Under Authority” to write a special song about The Eliminate Project. The pair hopes the song will hit the right note with audiences around the world and inspiring giving. The song will launch on May 10.

Song Creation

Best for: Kiwanis clubs

Timeline: 5–6 months for preparation

How it works: Work with a local band and songwriter to write a unique song to raise funds for The Eliminate Project.

To do list:

  1. Identify and contact a well-known band. Ask if someone in your club is connected to a local rock band or a singer who will support the cause and wants to make a difference.
  2. Assist with the lyrics. Work with the band and the singers to provide information about eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus and our fundraising campaign. Make certain the song is catchy, and not too lengthy.
  3. Publicly launch the song. Put it on the internet: Work with the band and managers to upload it to viewing sites such as YouTube, iTunes and Amazon. No matter the details, a portion of the benefits should go toward The Eliminate Project. For information and language as to how to properly advertise whatever percentage of purchase proceeds go toward The Eliminate Project, please contact the Campaign office at campaign@TheEliminateProject.org.
  4. Reach out to family, friends and fans. Send the information about the song to all of the Kiwanis clubs in your area. Educate people. Involve family and friends of Kiwanis club members. Put your own twist on it: Stage a viewing party where the song will be publicly launched. This song will debut at the district convention in Austria.

You can download additional fundraising ideas and resources online at www.TheEliminateProject.org/resources. And don’t forget to share your fundraising ideas with us as well as post pictures from your activities on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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