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The Eliminate Project is working

Through The Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis family will forever change the world. The campaign will raise US$110 million to save or protect millions of women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus—and protect the connection that this deadly disease destroys.

At the beginning of April, a Kiwanis International and U.S. Fund for UNICEF delegation made a special visit to Haiti to see The Eliminate Project in action. Nearly 50 percent of tetanus cases in the Caribbean occur in Haiti. The island country carried out a nationwide campaign against maternal and neonatal tetanus, aiming to immunize nearly 1.5 million women of reproductive age during the first round of the second phase of vaccinations, in April. Countries like Haiti sometimes have to conduct the three rounds of tetanus immunizations in different phases, due to geographic access, availability of financial resources, and other factors.

“We had an opportunity to go with the mobile immunization team in the northern part of Haiti to immunize women of childbearing age,” says Lance Incitti, Kiwanis International Foundation President. “After just four days of the campaign, they reached 54 percent of women. I couldn’t be happier and prouder of what we are doing for the children in Haiti.”

Less than two weeks earlier (in late March), a separate Kiwanis International and U.S. Fund for UNICEF delegation visited Kenya on behalf of The Eliminate Project. Located in the Eastern and Southern African Region, Kenya is one of only two countries (Kenya and Madagascar) in the region that has yet to achieve maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination.

Here is a small glimpse of what the groups experienced in Haiti and Kenya—from smiling moms and babies, to bright colors and breathtaking scenery. Share these photos with your club and district so they can see how UNICEF and Kiwanis are, again, making a difference in the lives of countless families around the world.

“Most mothers would move heaven and earth for their children,” adds Ruth Incitti. “Through The Eliminate Project, we are giving these children a fighting chance. I’m so proud to be a Kiwanian and part of this wonderful project.”

Read more about their life-changing experiences.

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