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Mother’s Day cards that help keep families whole

By Kathy Butterstein, Grantville-Allied Gardens club coordinator

The Grantville-Allied Gardens Kiwanis Club in Cal-Nev-Ha helped protect the connection between mothers and babies through a Mother’s Day card sale.

The cards, which cost only 75 cents to print, raised US$942 during the last two Mother’s Day seasons, which will save or protect more than 523 women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

In 2012, the club designed Mother’s Day cards on the Walmart photo page, using photos of moms and babies from previous field visits, and sold them for US$3 each.

Grantville-Allied Gardens club coordinator Kathy Butterstein printed cards online to use as examples. She brought them to Kiwanis events, like district council meetings, took orders from her club members and sold some to personal friends. Once all orders were received, Kathy printed the cards to distribute.

The club decided to repeat this fundraiser last Mother’s Day, and one of the local Key Club students designed a new card to sell. She also designed a “Happy Holidays!” card that her Key Club members sold during Christmas which raised US$244.

Because the cards are printed online after orders have been placed, this is a quick, no-risk way of raising money for The Eliminate Project, according to Butterstein. The mothers who received the cards loved the idea that each card represented one woman vaccinated.

“My mom still has both cards on her refrigerator!” says Kathy.

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