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Making great strides for women and babies

The Eliminate Project campaign team rallied together on November 7, 2013, for our fourth Worldwide Report Day—allowing district coordinators to publicize their districts’ efforts to save women and babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

“The reports received on Worldwide Report Day reflect our fundraising achievements to date, as well as identify where we have tremendous potential for growth,” says Campaign Chairman Randy DeLay.

“I am amazed and awestruck by the continuing progress of global efforts to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus,” says Caryl M. Stern, President and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. “Even in countries that have faced terrible conflicts, UNICEF and partners can achieve remarkable results, thanks to the funding of donors like Kiwanis International. Elimination is happening, and it is because people around the world learn about this terrible disease and take action!”

Highlights from Worldwide Report Day include 192 pending Model Clubs and 100K Clubs with associated funding totaling more than US$6.8 million. Plus, 39 pending Lead and Major Gifts that will yield more than US$2 million for the campaign and help save or protect more than 1.1 million lives.

Worldwide Report Day also revealed that Florida is the district with the most Lead and Major Gifts as well as the most funds raised. Additionally, Italy-San Marino is the district with the greatest gains in Model Clubs since the last Worldwide Report Day.

Our focus in the coming weeks and months will be to secure the more than US$8 million in pending funds, which will help save or protect an additional 4.7 million lives.

“We need to keep funding immunization activities to protect the hardest-to-reach and make MNT a thing of the past,” adds Stern. “You have already achieved so much, and in this Year of Achievement, I know that together, we will surpass all expectations.”

“Thank you to all of the campaign volunteers who made Worldwide Report Day a success once again and to all who watched the results live on the website,” adds DeLay. “I continue to be amazed by the dedication and hard work to save or protect millions of women and babies, not just on Worldwide Report Day, but all year. Together, we will eliminate MNT and rock this world with hope.”

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