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Meet the new SLP subcommittee team members!

Did you know that a new Service Leadership Programs (SLP) subcommittee for The Eliminate Project started their work at the end of September? Here’s your chance to learn more about what the committee does and meet the new members.

What is The Eliminate Project SLP subcommittee?
The Eliminate Project’s SLP subcommittee gives advice on fundraising initiatives and insight on ways for SLPs to support the campaign. The committee is comprised of two student leaders from Circle K International, two student leaders from Key Club International and an adult representative from Builders Club, K-Kids and Aktion Club. Individually, each SLP subcommittee leader works with the members of their SLP group. Collectively, the group works to represent the SLP family in the campaign. SLP subcommittee actually stands for “Service Leaders in Philanthropy.”

What are the subcommittee member’s responsibilities?
Members provide guidance on ways to tailor the campaign plan appropriately for each Kiwanis-family group. They help coordinate fundraising efforts and reporting within their SLP group, and they discuss new ideas that focus on the three main initiatives of the Kiwanis-family for The Eliminate Project: Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, the spring fundraising activities (Eliminate Week and Show your Love, Save a Life) and recognition for the Kiwanis family.

Meet the new members:

Suzanne, Builders Club
“I am a Past Kiwanis Governor of the New England and Bermuda District and a Builders Club Administrator for the Ohio District. I have been a member of the Kiwanis BC Committee for four years and served as the BC Committee Chair for 2010-2011. I am very passionate about the involvement of our children in the campaign and know they can make a difference!”


Gary, Key Club International
“I am a junior at Mt. Pleasant High School in Michigan and a club president for Key Club. I love volunteering at the soup kitchen and helping The Eliminate Project in any way I can. When I first heard about the campaign, I realized that these babies cannot even survive infancy; they cannot even live long enough to experience the joy of life. From that point, I knew I wanted to support this important cause.”


Jennifer, Circle K International
“Howdy! I'm a Business Honors and Management Information Systems double major at Texas A&M University. I was blessed to have the opportunity to be vaccinated against tetanus and many other deadly diseases. This made me realize that everyone, regardless of their geographic location, socioeconomic status, race or gender deserves to have a fighting chance at living life. For such a small price, we can protect these lives. I want to do everything I can to pay it forward and help eliminate MNT from the face of Earth.”


Nancy, Circle K International
“I have been involved with the Kiwanis Family since my time with Key Club back in 2008. Now I am a third-year student at Columbia University studying Political Science, French and Romance Philology. I am very passionate about bringing The Eliminate Project to all corners of the world. The message is simple, but powerful--a disease this volatile and threatening does not need to persist. Moreover, that the small things we take for granted every day can change and shape the lives of others hundreds of thousands of miles away from us. It is for this reason that The Eliminate Project means so much to me.”


Benjamin, Key Club International
“As the years progress I strive to make the most out of every second and strive to help others do the same. The Eliminate Project gives me the chance to reach those lives that need it the most. The mothers that struggle do not need to struggle and therefore they should not have to. With The Eliminate Project, combined with my passion for service, I can truly change the world, and that is an amazing thought."


Amanda, K-Kids
“I currently serve as the K-Kids and Builders Club District Administrator for the Florida District and as a member of the Kiwanis Committee on Key Club as a Zone Administrator. I began my Kiwanis family experience in 1994 by joining the Stetson University Circle K and thoroughly enjoy community service. I look forward to working with our youngest members of the Kiwanis family and seeing the awesome service and fundraising projects they perform. We have been very involved early on as a district with The Eliminate Project through the passion of site visit participant and Past District Key Club Governor René Miller– and we need to spread this passion and motivation to others.”


David, Aktion Club
“I have been a member of Kiwanis since 2003. I am a Past Distinguished Lt. Governor from the Michigan District of Kiwanis 2007-2008, Past President, Distinguished Kiwanis Club of Owosso, Michigan and currently a member of the Kiwanis Club of Sevierville. My first experience with Aktion Club fundraising was with a newly formed club. We raised more than US$12,000 to support “Kids Against Hunger,” which brought together many of Kiwanis family clubs in the division and more than 300 community members for a day of service. I look forward to incorporating this knowledge for The Eliminate Project. As a retired healthcare professional, I am aware of the importance of providing healthcare for all, which is why The Eliminate Project is dear to my heart. I look forward to being an active representative for Aktion Club!”

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